Lake Golf Balls

Buying cheap lake balls is indeed a great way to save money. As you can see you can purchase a wide range of different golf balls from leading manufacturers at a fraction of the price new balls would cost. You can find the balls in many different quantities, usually with the price per ball dropping the more you purchase.

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What are Lake Balls?

Lake golf balls or simply lake balls are commonly used terms to describe balls that have been lost in play, traditionally in lakes, rivers and water hazards. However, many of the lake golf balls sold are found in any location of the golf course, including when they have been simply lost in the rough areas or even lost outside of the golf course.

Traditional lake balls found at the bottom of lakes and rivers in the golf course were deemed to change the playing characteristics due to the water penetrating the surface and core of the ball. These days though the term is loosely used to simply describe golf balls simply in second hand condition, so they is less or even no worry of this.

Lake balls are also balls that still have life and use left in them, graded from perfect, through to just good enough for practice use. We list them on this site in the following grades:

  • Pearl Grade
  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Grade C
  • Refinished

Depending on how you wish to use the balls, quite often a lower grade can be very cheap to buy in bulk and are great to simply use for practice and for non-important games. If you are looking for balls perfect for play, opt for pearl or A grade only. Refurbished or refinished lake balls are also great quality golf balls, without damage or marking and have been re-sprayed in a way to keep the balls play as close to its original condition as possible.

They are typically sold in bulk quantities from smaller amounts, through to large quantities even in the thousands. They are mostly sold as mixed bundles of brands, however sometimes you can buy them in matching sets. Because they are in used and worn condition, golfers are able to take advantage of the far lower premium and price per ball, allowing them to save money on the cost of balls throughout the year. Some balls are as good as new, lost after only one or two swings!

Lake Ball Characteristics

  • Lost or worn golf balls
  • Sold in different grades
  • Sold in bulk quantities
  • Used for play or practice
  • A cost effective way of buying golf balls

There are thousands of lake balls available here on our website, which can be bought based on their type and condition. We hope that you are able to save money through buying lake golf balls and that you have found this information useful!