Used Golf Balls

Used golf balls are not just a great way to save money, but fantastic for practice and the driving range. In the majority of cases there is also no reason not to use them in your game, as you are readily able to purchase perfect or near perfect golf balls with no damage or marks at all! Golf balls are often graded much like any other discounted stock. They tend to be graded as either Perfect, Grade A, B or C.

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Buying Used Golf Balls

Buying used golf balls is a fantastic way to bring down the costs of your game, while still maintaining high quality, well branded golf balls. You may often pass used golf balls on every course you play, not aware that these same balls are often resold to golf shops and bought by the very same people who pass them by every day. In some cases used golf balls are refinished or sold as found. Many used and second hand golf balls are very high grade, in most cases only used for a few holes or games. The cost of the very same balls in new condition at retail can be too expensive, so lesser quality unknown branded balls are often purchased. Why not buy slightly used well-made golf balls for a fraction of the price?

Perfect – New condition

These golf balls may only have been used once and very hard to tell that they have ever been played with. Condition is as they would come of a brand new box. Still have a great glossy and shiny appearance with no damage whatsoever. These balls can be used in a game as if they were brand new!

Grade A – Near new condition

In nearly new condition, these golf balls have been used a few times and although look in nearly perfect condition, may have a few marks or minor scuffs on them. Players should not notice any performance difference with these balls, only very minor cosmetics.

Grade B – Slightly Flawed condition

Cosmetically you can tell these balls have been used. There will be some form of marks and scuffs on these balls, they may also be faded out and have a loss of their shine which you would expect at perfect or grade a level. Often these balls are just fine for playing with, but many may prefer to keep them off the course and use for practice and driving range only.

Grade C – Well used condition

These are the cheapest of all the graded balls and perfect for practice use. Grade C balls can be used without fear of damaging or losing them. These balls often come in a mixed condition with marks, scuffs and lack of colour and shine. They have probably been heavily used and are near the end of their play life.